Fighting for Legal Guardianship Over a Loved One?

Team up with a guardianship attorney in Naples, FL

Obtaining legal guardianship over another person is very serious, and the legal process is complicated. Whether you're trying to obtain guardianship over a minor, an adult, a loved one who has become mentally incapacitated, a guardianship attorney can help you get through the process as quickly as possible.

At McNamara Legal Services, P.A., you can speak with an attorney and get experienced legal guidance for your situation. We'll explain the laws and walk you through your options so you can move forward with confidence.

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We'll help with every step of the process

The road to guardianship can be long and difficult. But our attorney will be with you from start to finish. Your attorney will help...

  • Submit the necessary paperwork proving your loved one's disability or need for a guardian
  • Obtain the appropriate paperwork to have the petitioner declared the guardian
  • Represent you at the guardianship hearing

We can also help you obtain temporary guardianship if there's an emergency. Discuss your situation with McNamara Legal Services, P.A. by contacting our office at 239-204-4766.