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The future is always full of uncertainty. Writing down a legal plan of action, regardless of health, can help you get through a crisis. McNamara Legal Services, P.A. is a law firm in Naples, FL that can help you with several legal matters, including estate planning. Brian McNamara has worked as an attorney for years. From filing paperwork, to negotiations and litigation, he has the experience to help you through your difficult situation.

Our firm serves residents of the Naples area with a wide range of legal services including probate administration, estate planning, guardianship establishment, wills, trusts, real estate law, and more. If you've been designated as the personal representative of a loved one's will, our attorney can help you get through the process as smoothly as possible. Do you need assistance in making sure that you have the necessary paperwork to establish guardianship? Our attorney can ensure you are set up for success in several legal matters.

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