Anyone facing a divorce or similar issue in the family law legal arena needs to be prepared for a process that can be stressful and potentially life-changing. On top of this, the legal procedures of family law are far from simple, and their consequences can be just as impactful. Whether you are drafting a prenuptial agreement, in a high net-worth divorce or contested divorce, seeking an uncontested divorce–known in Florida legalese as dissolution of marriage— or suing for alimony, McNamara Legal Services is ready to advise, represent, and fight for your legal rights and interests.

Personalized and Sensitive Family Law Representation

At McNamara Legal Services, our motto is: “Here to serve you in your time of need.” Every family law case is different because of its unique history, circumstances, and priorities of people and relationships. There is no single ‘best outcome’ that can be applied universally when every party involved wants something different when negotiating a divorce, child custody or child support agreement. The specialized family lawyers at our law firm are dedicated to understanding the wishes of every client and adopting the best strategies to achieve their personal goals.

For example, divorce negotiations must be run very differently when children are involved, and it is critical to maintaining at least a working relationship between all family members. Our firm’s president is Attorney Brian McNamara, Esq. who established the practice in 2012. Attorney McNamara’s years of experience have helped to hone his expertise in all avenues of family law, amicable and otherwise, enabling him to present you with various options for how to approach every aspect of your family law matter, and at every stage.

Do you need a Family Law Attorney in Collier or Lee counties?

While some simple procedures of family law can be completed without legal representation, it is advisable to consult with a professional family law attorney. Experienced and competent legal representation can dramatically increase the chances that your family law matter will end in the best outcome possible for you. When it comes to your future, your family, and the well being of your children, you cannot afford to assume that you know best. Most divorces are inherently complicated from a legal point of view, no matter how simple it can seem from outside of the legal system.

McNamara Legal Services can advise you and protect you against potential pitfalls as you navigate Florida’s family law system. At the very least, consulting us will confirm that you are already on the right track, but more often we will be able to set you on a better course. For most of our clients, facing the family legal system and courts is a unique and possibly intimidating experience. However, for us it is a matter of course and our years of experience allows us to consider things from different angles and propose options or solutions that you could not have thought of yourself.

The family law attorneys at McNamara Legal Services serve clients in Naples FL and surrounding areas.

McNamara Legal Services is experienced many areas of family law and happily accepts family law clients in the following areas:

  • Naples,
  • Collier county, and
  • Lee county.

Our experienced family law attorneys specialize in all areas of family law, including:

  • Divorce
  • Guardianship
  • Alimony
  • Prenuptial Agreements
  • Powers of Attorney

If you are facing any of these family law matters, you need a specialized lawyer to advise you and to represent you so that you can guard against the potential legal obstacles and aim for the best possible outcomes.

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